I am a software engineer by profession. Juggling between work and my hobbies like music and knitting, I try to squeeze in a book here and there.

This blog acts as a ledger to keep track of books I have read. I do not claim to be a good reviewer or a critic. I do not understand the technicality of writing or reviewing. I jot down my thoughts and opinion about the book just like any other average reader.

3 Responses to “About”

  1. luvimin Says:

    Hi! You must have read a lot of books,can you recommend a classic book for me? I’m very fond of them.Thanks!

  2. abhishek Says:

    hullo ,
    iam fascinated by books and to find a person who has
    read a lot just makes me to take advice about reading,
    hope you can update your website with happening
    things about literature.

    thank you

  3. sayanroy Says:


    I was checking for few books and accidentally came across this website. I liked the detail review and would like to appreciate for sharing your thoughts.

    Thank you and keep sharing.

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