The End of the Wasp Season

Title: The End of the Wasp Season
Writers : Denise Mina
Published: 2011
Genre: Thriller
My Rating: 2.5 on 5

A wealthy, abusive father/husband commits suicide by hanging himself. A woman who works as a bargirl/escort is brutally murdered by bashing her head beyond recognition. Cops find a truckload of cash stashed under a table in the kitchen. Alex Morrow, our detective, walks in to find the murderer and save the world.

This thriller stands apart from the rest of the books in its genres for the fact that readers already know who the murderer is. We only need to wait for Alex to put all the pieces together and solve the puzzle for us. To be honest, the whole suspense of whodunnit is spoilt. Once I know who the murderer is, I really don’t care why he/she did it.

Brownie points to the author for creating a smart, female detective character who happens to be solving cases while heavily pregnant with kids. This is where it ends for me, though. The plot, characters and the final ‘cracking the mystery’ was very meh! It is very hard to digest when the whole case gets solved because some random guy who is not connected to the case spills some beans to yet another random guy who happens to contact Alex.

I didn’t know this was a second book in a series when I read it. I did feel there was some backstory about Alex which I was missing, but this was no deterrent in following the case.

A not-so-intriguing plot, not-so-believable characters and the biggest letdown of all – knowing the murderer before the cops know it – all this makes this book a very disappointing read.


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