The woman who went to bed for a year

This book, as the title says, is about a woman who went to bed and did not get up for a year. The title was intriguing, so I picked up the book with a lot of expectations. Sadly, the title turned out to be the only intriguing part of the book.

Eva sends her twins off to college and decides to go to bed to get some rest. As she lies in bed, she realizes she doesn’t want to get up at all and continues to stay there as the rest of the world carries on without her. Her mother and her husband think she has gone nuts and seek medical help only to make matters worse. Interesting characters, or atleast the author tried to make them interesting, pop in and out all through the book, but all of them fail to increase the likeability of the book.

This book was supposed to be “laugh out loud” funny, but I didn’t see a single humorous part in the book. The plot was interesting, but the author failed to turn into a readable book. The book turned into a big bore and every time I saw in on my bedside, I would cringe because I had to read it. So, I will confess that I did not finish the book. I just couldn’t and there are very few books which I have left unread. This was my first Sue Townsend book and I am so disappointed with it, that I would be wary of trying any other books of hers.

This doesn’t really qualify as a review because I didn’t read the book completely. But, I read enough to know that I will not like it. So there.


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