The Rosie Project

Title: The Rosie Project
Writers : Graeme Simsion
Published: 2013
Genre: Fiction
My Rating: 4 on 5

Don Tillman teaches Genetics at a university and has Asperger’s Syndrome, even though the last part is never mentioned in the book. He meticulously plans every minute of his day, down to 2 minutes 20 seconds bike ride and 40 seconds of washing hands (I exaggerate but you get the gist). He doesn’t drink coffee after 3.48 PM because it interferes with his sleep. He is often baffled by human behavior and often wonders if it is him who is different or the rest of the world. He has convinced himself that he is not fit for human closeness until his neighbor and friend, an old lady, mentions that he would be a wonderful husband. And thus begins The Wife Project.

Don prepares a questionnaire, with ‘questions sorted for maximum speed of elimination’ which he distributes to all potential candidates. He is very sure about what he looks for in a wife: non-smoker, non-vegetarian and such, so he is stumped when his friend and colleague sends Rosie as a candidate to his office. Rosie is a barmaid, a smoker and a vegetarian. Rosie needs Don’s genetic knowledge in figuring out who her biological father is and Don is more than happy to help her and labels it ‘The Father Project’.

Don, in few words, is Sheldon Cooper in love. He is a typical aspie, gullible, innocent and living his life by his rules. In comes Rosie, the fiery, independent woman who thinks rules are meant to be broken. Both are adorable characters. Don reminded me too much of Sheldon, which is not bad per se, but may be goes on to show how stereotyped aspies are! Rosie, oh I loved her character. I am happy she wasn’t sketched as a too sweet and accepting woman. She has lot of failings and she knows it.

The book moves at a fast pace. The story is interesting, but what makes this book charming is its characters. The dialogues are beautiful too. I wasn’t surprised to read in one of the reviews that this book started out as a screenplay, but then made into a book later. I wish they make a movie from this book and let’s hope they don’t mess this one up.


One Response to “The Rosie Project”

  1. JoV Says:

    I finished reading this two days ago. It was a nice read. I can see why many love this book.

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