The Pigeon Pie Mystery

Title: The Pigeon Pie Mystery
Writers : Julia Stuart
Published: 2012
Genre: Fiction, Mystery
My Rating: 3 on 5

This book is set in the Victorian era with its beautifully dressed ladies with their lovely hats and their afternoon teas. Princess Alexandria, aka Mink, is left orphaned and penniless when her father passes away suddenly under controversial conditions. She is forced to move out of the Maharajah’s palace and move into a less royal Court Palace where she has to share the space with others. Her loyal servant Pooki stays loyal and moves in with her at the Hampton Court Palace.

One of the residents is murdered and the primary suspect happens to be Pooki. Mink is confident her servant is innocent, so she sets out to solve the mystery herself. She analyses the incidents as a detective would do and finds the culprit using her intellect. Along with the murder mystery plot, we also see a love story on the sides and other sub-plots which keep the reader interested. The mystery itself is quite silly. The way things fall on Mink’s feet to be solved and how easily she is able to get a confession from others is a bit hard to believe.

I have read quite a few murder mysteries and this one doesn’t really do justice to the mystery or the solving part of it. I like this book not for its page-turning qualities, but for its simple charm. The characters, the way they dress, the way they talk, their little rituals of calling on your neighbors and having afternoon teas and going around with the flowing dresses and hats. Yeah, I like the Victorian England, why do you ask?

Mink is one of the strongest female leads I have read. She is confident, strong and so sure of herself. She sets out to solve the mystery and so she does. Pooki, with her quirky temper and child like tantrums is adorable. Mink-Pooki are more of like friends than master-servant which makes them all the more adorable. There are other characters which stand out (American visitor) and become memorable.

Julia Start paints a beautiful picture of the old England. I love the bookcover. Oh yes, it is a maze and it has some significance in the story, but the reason it is on the bookcover is because this is the view Mink and Pooki get from their window.

A nice, little, charming book. Read it for the writing and characters and not for the mystery.


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