Title: Mockingjay
Writers : Suzanne Collins
Published: 2010
Genre: Fiction
My Rating: 2 on 5

I just loved the first book in this series and looked forward to reading the next two. The second book Catching Fire (I did not write a review) was entertaining and sustained the interest created by the first book. On similar lines, I was expecting the third book to be the best and the most thrilling of the series, but it turned out to be such a big disappointment.

1. Where is the Girl on Fire?

One of the things I loved about this book is the character Katniss Everdeen. She is cold, focused and confident, ready to take on the world for her family. This character of strength was sorely missed in the last book. She ended up being a depressed, worn out soldier looking for a retirement home. I missed her smart moves, her killer spirit and above all her never say die attitude.

2. Gale

Gale’s and Katniss’ relationship was portrayed beautifully in the first book, which I wish had been continued here. I see Gale and Katniss growing apart with the gap only getting wider. I wish the author had brought in some of this relationship’s original magic.

3. Prim

Without giving away too much, Prim’s character was not handled well. There was no need for the author to do what she did with this character.

4. Plot

Yes, we know, there is a war going on between the Capitol and the Districts. What next? Do you just wait for your enemies to strike? What is the game plan? Apart from the blood shed and some minor twists, the plot is pretty much predictable and unappealing.

5. President Snow

This is the most painful part. After building up such hatred between Katniss and the President, you expect a lot of fireworks. The last scene falls so flat on its face that I had to ask myself if this is really the climax. And the twist? Was it even a twist? What was Katniss thinking? Or what was the author thinking?

6. The End

The way the book ends is just too ‘meh’. Lots of loose strings untied, lots of questions left unanswered. I had too many why’s for the author after finishing the book, but I have one for the readers.

Why is it that when you are eating a pack of delicious peanuts, the last one turns out to be sour and bitter and the worst of the pack? You want the delicious taste to linger, but all you are left with is the bitterness of the last one.


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