Reading Challenges: 2013

2012 was a bad year for me on all front. There were some major health issues in the family and the picture at my workplace was not that cheerful either. My knitting habit turned into a semi-professional one, so I invested more time on that and my reading habit took a backseat. Going by my abysmal performance of 2012, I am being practical and not aiming too high. I have a personal challenge on Goodreads of reading 50 books a year, which I have cut down to 24 this time. 2 books a month should be doable.

Apart from that personal challenge, I am signing up for two other challenges.

This is hosted by Bookmark To Blog and challenges you to read non-fiction from different categories. I am aiming for Geek: 4-6 book sin 2-3 categories. I am pretty confident I will be a Dork (7-10) by the year end, but don’t hold me for that.

I want to give ebooks a try this year. I prefer physical books to ebooks any day, but carrying hundreds of ebook on a device is very attractive, so I want to give ebooks a serious try. To help me with this, I have signed up for the Ebook challenge.

This is hosted by Workaday Reads and I am aiming to be a Floppy Disk with 5 ebooks.  I am slightly nervous about this one, considering I couldn’t complete an ebook when I tried a couple of months back.

So, what challenges have you signed up for, reading, or otherwise?

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One Response to “Reading Challenges: 2013”

  1. JoV Says:

    I’m sorry to hear that 2012 wasn’t a good year. I hope 2013 you will have a better and wonderful one! Look forward to your reading challenge reviews.

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