The Time Traveler’s Wife

Title: The Time Traveler’s Wife
Writers : Audrey Niffenegger
Published: 2003
Genre: Fiction
My Rating: 2.5 on 5

If you are into books, chances are you would have come across this book atleast once in your lifetime. This book has made it into lots of lists and is seen as a must-read by many readers. Naturally, I wanted to read this book to see what the hype is all about.

As the book’s title suggests, this book has a time traveler (Henry) and his wife (Clara) as the main characters and gives us a glimpse of their lives. Henry has this ability to time travel to past or future, although involuntarily. We see Henry visiting Clara when she is just a six year old and thus starts their love story. While Henry knows he is going to end up marrying Clara, he doesn’t reveal this until later. Clara looks forward to her life as Henry’s wife and misses Henry in between his time traveling visits.

The first part of the book failed to elicit any emotion in me. I never felt the longing that Clara felt or the uncertainty Henry felt. In fact, the initial chapters were confusing to me. Though I knew what was happening, it was difficult to keep track of what is present, past and future. I could relate to Clare only in the later part of the book when she marries Henry.

This book is touted as the ‘next Lovely Bones’, but I fail to see the similarity. If they are hinting at the emotions that these books are supposed to elicit from readers, then I disagree. Lovely Bones touches the readers at a totally different level. There is rage, hatred, misery and helplessness, whereas in this book, it is more of longing and loss.

Neither Henry nor Clara come across as real characters to me. I know there are many readers out there who disagree with me, but this is my opinion. Niffenegger’s writing is smooth and easy, but nothing to write home about.


3 Responses to “The Time Traveler’s Wife”

  1. thelightpurplesky Says:

    Hmm, interesting post. I was sort of deciding whether to read this book after watching the movie.

  2. fittingkeys Says:

    it wasn’t that interesting for you? hmmm…. saw this book a lot of times not sure whether i should read it or not …

  3. shrink on the couch Says:

    I couldn’t get through TTW. I didn’t like the choppy back and forth in time and across ages – too hard to follow. I also found the premise nonsensical and just plain weird. The appearing nude in front of a small child felt predatory. I’m usually not so reactive to books but this one had “no” written all throughout where I was concerned. It still baffles me that so many people loved it.

    Lovely Bones I managed to finish. Creeped me out, the way the victim was snatched. I used to live near and walk across corn fields growing up… never had a bad experience there, unless you count the farmer who chased us off because we used to make “houses” with “rooms” by laying down on the corn stalks. Well, thanks to the book I can’t get that warm, fuzzy feeling about my childhood cornfield playhouses anymore. Not such a big deal, more of an idiosyncratic reaction. Just making the point that the creepiness made me wish I hadn’t read it. I also didn’t like later aspects of the plot line, and characters. Just felt “meh” about various elements. I will grant that the narrator was quite creative.

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