Dreams Unleashed

Title: Dreams Unleashed
Author: Linda Hawley
Published In:  2011
Genre: Science Fiction
My Rating: 3 on 5

I am not a big fan of fantasy or sci-fi, so when I was requested to review ‘Dreams Unleashed’, I tried to read with no prejudice. I was not sure I would be able to do a good review of this book since I don’t read sci-fi. I took this up as a challenge for me as a reader and in the end, I am very glad I did.

Dreams Unleashed is the first book in The Prophecies Trilogy. We have Anne as the main protagonist who is no less than a superwoman. She is an ex-CIA agent who was born with the amazing skill of moving between the dream world and the real one. She is part of the team which does ‘remote viewing’ – transporting yourself to a place to spy on others, but all this in your dream which is almost like real. Confused? Read the book to clear that confusion.

The action in the book starts from the word go and does not end till the book is over. We see Anne as a trainee in the defence and in the CIA’s secret team and her relatively boring job as a technical writer in an organization. We also get a glimpse of her personal life – her lovely relationship with her dad, her husband’s untimely demise and her daughter’s upbringing. Anne comes across as a woman of strength and amazing self-confidence. The other characters are not that drawn out to my taste, but I guess characterization is not that important in a sci-fi book. The structure of the book is quite interesting. It does not flow a chronological order and we keep skipping back and forth in time and also into and out of Anne’s dreams and her real world.

The language is easy and flows smoothly. The one part which I had trouble with were the dialogues. Almost all dialogues end with the name which I found a bit artifical and irritating. Again, the focus of sci-fi books is on the plot rather than the literature, so I guess this is acceptable.

The book is interesting and engaging. For a novice sci-fi reader, this book was very enojoyable. There is an element of suspense that runs through the entire thread which keeps the reader yearning for more.


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