To Kill a Mocking Bird

I read ‘To Kill a Mocking Bird’ long, long back. This was the first book which left a big impression on me. Long after I read this book, I would recall specific scenes, dialogues and moments and think and rethink about them. All these memories came rushing back to me when I read an article on NY Times about celebrating the book’s fiftieth anniversary. If you ask me, I won’t be able to give a definitive answer to why I like this book. Was it the father-daughter relationship which I could relate to very well? Or was it the social message that the book had about blacks and their acceptance into the society? Was it the bubbly ‘Scout’ who I loved to bits? Was it Atticus who is the epitome of integrity and principles? It could be all of this and much more.

Many a times, I have wondered if I should re-read this book and see what I really like about it. I have matured as a reader over these years, so I will be able to appreciate this book better, but I hesitate to pick up this book because I don’t want to shatter the beautiful image I have already created in my mind. I don’t want to be disappointed with this book, if that is possible. It is like a pleasant dream that I want to see over and over again and don’t ever want to wake up and realize that it is a dream.

I have read many other books over the past years which have made me think, laugh, cry, contemplate, wonder and question, but no book has touched me like this one. When it comes to this book, I am like a child who is obsessed with her soft toy and refuses to let go of it. No matter how many other books I read which I come to like and appreciate, ‘To Kill a Mocking Bird’ will always have a very special place in my heart which no other book can replace.


7 Responses to “To Kill a Mocking Bird”

  1. JoV Says:

    Wow hearing you say this makes me want to read this even more!

  2. JoV Says:

    life is full of surprises, while looking for a book review of The Curious case of Benjamin Button I came across what looks like your blog, and wah la, you have change your theme!!! it was my original book blog theme, but amber in colour, man makes me want to change back to this theme you have got! 🙂

    • anaamica Says:

      Oh, what a co-incidence! Yes, I did change the theme. I cleaned up the side bars and added a new one for authors list. I like this theme a lot. It gives me a lot of options to play with and the main body where the blog posts appear is so spacious.

      So, are you going to read Button?

  3. bedazzled Says:

    Its been ages since i read this book as well .. i am scared to go back to it ,lest i miss the magic i found in it once !!!

  4. yogurt Says:

    I think you might be even more in love with the book after a second read. It’s one of the few I have read more than once. Just the other day I used the example of Boo Radley (who, in the movie, is played by Robert Duvall, in case you didn’t know) in teaching my kids to be more tolerant of those who are different.

  5. ravi Says:

    where r u gone??no post form a long time..

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