Yummy Yucky by Leslie Patricelli

Are you wondering I am reviewing this children’s book? Why, of course, because I read it. My kid is 17 months old and shows an affinity to books. He loves books with big pictures, so when I got this book for him, he was ecstatic.

Yummy Yucky is a boardbook which means no matter what my tyke does, he can’t tear it. How I wish more things in this world were toddler-proofed in this way! The main character of this book is a cute little guy in diapers and a strand of hair sticking out on his head. Author and Illustrator Patricelli cleverly uses big, clear images. No unnecessary clutter so that toddlers, who have very short attention span, can focus on that one big image and not get distracted by other background images.

Each page has the little guy doing something and one line below the image to say whether that stuff is yummy or yucky. Apple pie is yummy, mud pie is yucky. Burgers are yummy, bogeys are yucky – you get the point? Very well illustrated and an intelligent selection of substances – something that the toddler identifies.

Thanks to this book, my little guy learnt to say the words “yummy” and “yucky”. After the roaring success of this book, I am looking forward to other Patricelli books. I am especially looking for “Big Little” which my kid’s library does not stock. Anybody have this book which I can borrow?

7 Responses to “Yummy Yucky by Leslie Patricelli”

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  2. Reema Sahay Says:

    I am going to buy this now, though my kiddo is just 5.5 months right now, but it is good to keep collecting. I got ‘The very hungry caterpillar’ and it is also nice, colourful!

    • anaamica Says:

      Please do, it is a great book for kids learning their first few words.

      • Reema Sahay Says:

        While I was thinking about this book, a question came to my mind, does the book identifies certain food as yummy and certain others as yucky? If it is so, then doesn’t it encourages pre-conceived notions in an infant’s mind about a food item? Moreover, in the 2-3 story books that I got for reading to him, I was highly disappointed. Some stories were just blah, no creativity, and some had such useless moral of the story like ‘dreams cannot become reality’! My resolve is to first read the book myself, and then buy it for him. I love ‘the vey hungry catepillar’. It’s good 🙂

      • anaamica Says:

        No, the book does not categorize food items as yummy or yucky. For example: ice cream is yummy, but boogy is yucky. Apple pie is yummy but mud pie is yucky. This is targeted at kids who don’t know what is good or bad for them. An attempt to increase their vocabulary and also help them categorize something as edible and non-edible.

        I know what you mean about disappointing children’s books. I bought a collection of ‘Pepper’, which is a treat. I am going to review it soon.

  3. Reema Sahay Says:

    I got your point and now you have inspired me to review ‘the very hungry caterpillar’. I also look forward to your review. I want ti collect books from now, so that I have enough time to reasearch and then stock them for him 🙂

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