Interview with Lionel Shriver

Lionel Shriver is an author I admire. I loved her book We Need To Talk About Kevin. Her latest book So Much For That has released recently. Shriver talks about her latest books and much more in this interview.

So Much For That sounds like an interesting read. Quotes from the interview:

So Much For That is the compelling and at times darkly humorous story of a decent man who dreams of starting a new life in Pemba, a small island off the coast of Africa. When his wife is diagnosed with cancer, however, he realises that he has to stay working in the US to keep up his health care plan.

The protagonist in her new novel explores an equally uncomfortable thought:‘Maybe we never really know someone until they’re dying.’


One Response to “Interview with Lionel Shriver”

  1. JoV Says:

    is there a new book from Shriver again??!! I read her:
    Post-birthday girl (which is my top read)
    Game control (thought provoking)
    We need to talk about Kevin (dark,disturbing, but didn’t like it so much)

    and plan to read the rest of her books!!!

    again we share the same favourites!

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