Article on Ian McEwan

I have read a couple of McEwan books and I can safely say I like his books. After I read this article on Ian McEwan, I realized I was unaware of his earlier, controversial books. McEwan comes across as a nice guy who cares about other people and one who understand human nature. He takes great care in etching his characters. Usage of curse word is less in his book, atleast relatively. So, it is difficult to believe that McEwan wrote about such controversial subjects. Ian Mcewan known as Ian Macabre? I didn’t know that.

His latest book, Solar is expected to release in March. The article says this is going to be his darkest book. Hmm.


2 Responses to “Article on Ian McEwan”

  1. JoV Says:

    I finished “On Chesil Beach” yesterday and was blown away by it. I love it more than Atonement. After 2 books, I pretty much certain that this is his style. Dealing with taboo subject matter effortlessly and deftly handled them to a tragic ending.

    While googling him up yesterday found out that he made atheist remark about God and stuff. Whatever the author believes or valued, it’s just no concern to me, as long as he continued to churn out good stories!

    My review sits on draft now, becos I have a backlog of earlier 2 book reviews. But I’ll soon publish it. 🙂 Keep reading.

  2. anaamica Says:

    I remember reading ‘On Chesil Beach’ long back and liking it. In fact, it made me read more of McEwan. I didn’t enjoy his short stories that much, may be I should give it another try.

    Looking forward to your review of ‘Chesil’.

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