A new start

I challenged myself to read atleast 50 books last year. I could achieve only half that number. Last year was a good one for me when it comes to reading and writing. My blogs were fairly regularly updated and my reading saw a good mixture of books.

The Secret Life of Bees has to be the best read of 2008 and Jasper Fforde will be the best tried author.

Some other memorable reads of 2008:

I tried new authors like Orhan Palmuk (disappointing), Jodi Piccoult (not my kind), Ali Smith and Zadie Smith (don’t understand them) and Ian McEwan (will try again). All in all, 2008 was not a bad year.

Now that a new year is here, I am taking up this challenge again. And I am happy to say I am two down already. I read ‘Lost in a good book’ by Jasper Fforde, the second book in the Thursday series. It was good, as expected. The second book was ‘Cakes and ale’ by Somerset Maugham. Not Maugham’s best, but a good read nevertheless. The work in progress is ‘The world according to Garp’.

I am immersed in the joys of motherhood, so I am reading ‘Dr. Spock’s baby and child care’. Can I add that to my list or will it be considered cheating?


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