My favorite fictional characters

I have been tagged by Anu to write about my favorite fictional characters.

1. Calvin

As soon as one says fictional character, the first thing that comes to my mind is Calvin and Hobbes. Calvin has an amazing imagination (Hobbes himself is a fragment of his imagination!) and yet cannot solve a simple math problem. He hates Hobbes at times and still can’t stay without him. His arguments, sarcastic comments, reasons for doing something or not doing something, his naughtiness – almost makes me wish there was a kid like him around.

2. Jason Foxtrot

This boy is the uber geek from Foxtrot comics. Highly intelligent, looks forward to tests and exams at school. Video games and Mac are part of his staple diet. He has an elder sister and brother who he harasses for fun and helps them with their physics and math. This always makes me wonder how it would be if Calvin had a sister. Hmm…. that’s a thought, huh?

3. Caulfield Holden

No, I am not talking about the character from ‘Catcher in the rye’. This other Caulfield is a comic character from Frazz. The striking ‘resemblance’ in the name is intentional. Caulfield always reminds me of Calvin. Though Caulfield shares Calvin’s hatred towards school and education, he differs from Calvin in his love for books. Caulfield looks forward to summer holidays so that he can catch up on book reading and he dresses up as a fictional character for Halloween.

3. Christopher Boone

This little autistic boy from Mark Haddon’s ‘The curious incident of the dog in the night time’ is a character which expected sympathy from me but got admiration in return. The simple and unassuming life, ignorance about evil in this world and the sheer passion for anything logical – some things which I haven’t seen in any character, fictional or otherwise.

4. May Boatwright

The Secret Life of Bees is the last good book I have read. This character has stayed with me ever since. The main trait of this character is she can’t stand pain. Not physical pain, but the pain and sorrow that is so ubiquitous. She can’t stand anybody being sad or sorrow. Whenever she finds someone sad, she writes the name of the person on a chit of paper and buries it in what she calls ‘the magic wall’. This is her way of getting rid of sorrow in this world. Very touching book with memorable characters.

5. Characters in Tom Robbins’ novels

I have read two of his books so far (Jitterbug Perfume and Even cowgirls get the blues) and all of the main characters are fun. He comes up with characters with weird tastes and traits. A girl with a thumb as big as a tennis ball, a man who cannot stand female odor, a man who wants to conquer death, an angel which has a trademark odor… the list goes on. I like these characters only for their quirkiness and I admire the author for his imagination skills.

6. Hana

This main character from The English Patient is weird. She stays behind in the destroyed hospital to take care of the English patient and displays her loneliness through weird actions. She traces her footsteps on dust to make any visitor think that a person entered the room but never left it. She plays hopscotch all by herself. She talks to herself in her thoughts and so on. All the four main characters are special in their own way.

7. Earl and Mooch

The kitty and the doggy from Mutts. You got to read it to see how lovely they are.

8. Marvin

The chronically depressed robot from the The Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy’ series. His depression is so contagious, it makes you want to hate him.


3 Responses to “My favorite fictional characters”

  1. Anu Says:

    hey, nice list!
    A sister for Calvin?!! that is quite a thought! opens up a whole new vista for imagination! 🙂
    May Boatwright and Hana sound like characters that will stay with one for long after one finishes reading the book.
    Marvin was one of the most interesting characters in HHGG for me as well.

  2. Anaamica Says:

    Yeah, May stays with you even after you finish the book. You should read that book whenever you get a chance.

  3. paks2008 Says:

    nice list and nice blog! i’ll have to check back with you to see what other books you’re reading.

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