Choke: Chuck Palahniuk

Reviving my old review and republishing it here.

`Choke’ is about Victor Mancini, who pretends to choke to gain people’s attention and love. He is a sex addict, a medical school dropout, earning a meager amount. He chokes on food so that someone can save him. The person who saves his life starts feeling responsible for Victor’s life and starts sending him money. Victor does this to earn enough to keep his insane Mom in a hospital.

Victor’s character is not well developed and so are the others. There is just one dimension to the characters – their limitations. Chuck’s writing style comes as a fresh breeze – very different! He has an amazing writing style which might be a little difficult to get used to.

There is a first person narration by Victor Mancini which is in the present tense and a third person narration which talks about Victor’s life when he was a boy. Victor’s mom is an eccentric and is in jail half the time. Victor has a very close friend who is addicted to collecting rocks and he is also a sex addict. The book becomes dirty at times when talking about sex. It becomes gross when the hospital scenes are described.

After finishing the book, I was wondering what the book was all about.

Weird is not the right word, but that’s the first thing that comes to mind.

If you don’t want to experiment with a different writing style or a different theme, do NOT try this book.


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