The Curious Incident Of the Dog In the Night-time: Mark Haddon

Reviving my old book review and republishing it here.

Mark Haddon’s debut novel is in first person, narration by an autistic, 15 year old boy, Christopher. The book starts with the incident of a dog being killed in Christopher’s neighborhood and how the boy tries to solve the mystery. One thing leads to another and the boy discovers many hidden truths about his own life.

The book reveals many details of an autistic boy – his likes and dislikes, his way of thinking etc.

He is very good at math but finds it difficult to understand people’s expressions and interepret what they are thinking.
He knows every prime number upto 7,057 and hates to be touched or hugged.
He knows all the countries of the world and thier capitals and has no understanding of human emotions.

The book has an easy flow. Its an easy read – short chapters, simple, non-ornate language.
There are many pictures in the book that make it interesting.
For people who like math, there is a solved math problem in the appdendix.

The best thing I liked about the book is — even though the narration is by a boy who has no idea of emotions, the book turns out be quite emotional.
Though the boy does not say anything emotions, the book makes you feel sad.
Another good thing about the book is its ending. I am usually disappointed by the ending of a book, but this book did not let me down.
The book ends as smoothly as it reads.

All in all, a good book. Try it! If you like it – well and good. If you don’t, feel good for not wasting a lot of time on this!


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