Jam-Packed Foxtrot

My generous friend lent the book, Jam-Packed Foxtrot to me. The moment my eyes fell on the book, I was disappointed. It is so thin compared to the older Foxtrot books. So thin – so much lesser to read and enjoy.

What is this comic about? It is about a family of husband, wife, two sons and a daughter. The elder son, Peter, hates school and dreams to be in his school’s baseball team. Sister, Paige, too hates school and fantasizes about attending proms and parties with a hunk. Jason, the youngest son, is the geek in the family – he loves school and solves his siblings’ math problems. He is a video game addict and does not understand what the term outdoor means. Husband and wife are like any typical couple.

Jason’s ‘geekyness’ strips have a lion’s share in this book compared to previous ones. The series on Window’s source code leakage is worth a read. Another one about Jason’s being forced to play outdoors is hilarious. Also, the one on Jason’s addiction to World of Warquest is good too. The one strip where Peter is grounded is funny.

If you enjoy reading Foxtrot, go buy it. You never know – you randomly flip open a comic strip and you may burst out laughing. Comic book is never a waste. Something that you find boring now might seem to be hilarious later! It’s all in the frame of mind.


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