Nammamma andre nanagishta, Yugadi – Vasudhendra

I have reviewed these books in Kannada. You can read the review here.

Two books that mesmerized me while I was reading them and which continue to do so even now, long after I have  put them down. If you can read Kannada, then please do read these books.


3 Responses to “Nammamma andre nanagishta, Yugadi – Vasudhendra”

  1. Harsha Says:

    Ya. I completely agree with the review of Vasudendra’s books. I too felt the same when I read those books. The second story, in the book “Nammamma andre Nangishta”, “Steel Paatregalu” told me how people have changed now. How steel vessels were the symbol of status in those days. Gifting steel vessels was a trend then.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    dharani mandala apartmentinolage a small essay by the same author is also too good

  3. Ammu Says:

    This was very nice book
    I really thank to sir

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