Settled out of court: Henry Cecil

Another Henry Cecil novel. This is probably my fourth or fifth, I have lost count.

It’s much better than the last Henry Cecil book I read. Settled out of court has the usual Cecil ingredients. Story woven around law, most of the characters who are criminals or lawyers or jury members or evidences, a couple of court scenes and a couple of arguments, which try to be funny. What’s different in this book is a strange main character who is obsessed with truth. This man has never lied in his life and cannot stand when somebody lies in front of him. It creates quite a situation in his life since everybody knows he can’t stand lies.

For his bad luck, he is convicted of a murder and for his worse luck (is there such a thing?) all the evidences are bought. Not one evidence says the truth and every time our hero hears a lie, he turns red. He decides to prove to the court that perjury was committed in his case. He thinks of a master plan and uses his daughter and a couple of his prison inmates to carry out this plan. Does his succeed? Does he settle his case out of court? Read the book to know it.

Humor quotient: 2 on 5
Law quotient (you know what I mean): 3 on 5
Overall rating: 2 on 5.


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