Frazz: 99% perspiration

99 perspiration

Being a big fan of comics, I couldn’t thank my friend enough who was so generous to lend me the latest Frazz book. Frazz: 99% perspiration. This book is much thinner (and smaller too) compared to the first one, but no less funny. Holden Caulfield is as funny as ever with his witty remarks and interesting questions. The first graders continue to represent the current US generation with their addiction to TV and aversion to schools.

One notable development in this book is Frazz and Plainwell start dating (finally!). They are an item and believe it or not, I could ‘see’ the chemistry! They make a cute couple. Both are weird: their passion for cycling and love for first graders and of course, they both are so likeable.

I completed the book in one day and feel sad that the book didn’t last longer. Can’t these comic books be a little longer? Or even better, how about a never-ending comic book? Yeah, I can dream on. I forget that the creator of this comic book is a human and he has a head the same size I have and there are restrictions on the number of great ideas you get and the number of hours you can work.
Coming back to the book in hand, it’s a good book to read, no doubt. But, I personally liked the first one better. No, not because it was fatter. It was just better.

For those who want to try out Frazz before investing in the book, you can get a daily dose of Frazz here. If you like Calvin & Hobbes (duh, who doesn’t?) there is a fair chance that you will Frazz too.


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