A murder is announced : Agatha Christie

Murder is announced

I once had a discussion with a cousin of myself about Agatha Christie novels. His opinion was that Agatha Christie didn’t reveal all the facts about the murderer for the reader to guess/find who the murderer was. She always kepts a vital fact hidden until the end and once the murderer was revealed, the fact too would be revealed and I would go ‘Oh! If I only I knew that…’. It is true for some of her books (Atleast two come to my mind).

It is so not true for ‘A murder is announced’. This book is so different from her other books. The story is well woven, the characters are believable and the murder has a motive that is so just right. There are a few red herrings which lead you to believe that one or the other character is the culprit. But, until you come to the last page where you find out who the murderer is, you just can’t guess who it is.

Miss Marple is the detective in this book who is shown as an inquisitive, nose-poking woman who is smart enough to solve the mystery. The pace is fast, this is a real page turner. You want to jump to the end and see who the murderer is.

Read each and every word and don’t think that some word is spelt wrong. Yes, that’s the clue!

This book is the perfect one if you are looking for a filler before you pick up your big, heavy book. It proved to be a very good filler for me.


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